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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Synchronisation der Ordner in Exchange | öffentliche Ordner auf Mobilgeräten

CodeTwo Exchange Sync


CodeTwo Exchange Sync wurde zweiter in der Kategorie Exchange Server Mobility and Wireless des Readers' Choice Awards.
23. Februar 2011

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CodeTwo Exchange Sync wurde dritter in der Kategorie Exchange-Administration des Readers' Choice Awards.
22. Dezember 2010

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Michaela McGury
We use this application on our Blackberry Server. It is working very stable and it is extremely easy to administrate. It is an excellent tool to manage and synchronize all folders from the exchange server outlook accounts. Also great is the aspect, that there are 3 possibilities to synchronize.

Michaela McGury, Bundestag, Deutschland

Bruce Williams
We created an Exchange Public Folder for sharing a common set of company contacts with related notes and comments. We use Exchange ActiveSync to synchronize with our iPhones, but it will not sync Public Folders. By using CODETWO's Exchange Sync, we can easily sync all of our shared company contacts with our individual mailboxes and ActiveSync pulls them down to our iPhones. It works really well - without having to mess with it constantly - like most sync software.

Bruce Williams, EXPIO networks, Vereinigte Staaten

Sunny Lowe

We have many clients with ERP and management programs, which write contact info and calendars to the Exchange Public Folders.

With the advent of smart phones like the iPhone, our users began asking us for a way to get these contact and calendar lists on their phone.

The easy way we found was with CodeTwo tools. We simply set a schedule to replicate the data (one way) to each users private exchange folders, and they constantly have the data with them as they travel. This was a huge win for our clients and an easy implementation, as well.

This is a fantastic tool to solve this kind of problems.

Sunny Lowe, Blue Jean Networks, Vereinigte Staaten

Willem Vastenholt

Long time we were searching for a tool to distribute our contacts to all kinds of mobile devices via Exchange. We tried different tools who were very complex and didn’t work as easy and were very complex to install. Then we found Exchange Sync from CodeTwo we installed it and it just worked. Not surprisingly we advised some of our customers to do the same!

Willem Vastenholt, Info Support, Niederlande

Robert Rose

The CodeTwo Exchange Sync program is fantastic. For MUCH, MUCH less than the cost of competitors, it does the job MUCH, MUCH faster and more reliably. We highly recommend this product. If you are skeptical install the trial, it is really amazing how well it works.

Robert Rose, CPI Technologies Inc., Vereinigte Staaten

Ian Murphy

Exchange Sync is used to sincronize contacts between personal folders and shared folders for the users of Koopera, a cooperative of ONGs who share infrastructure. Since there are many organisations within Koopera there are also many differing needs and each group has shared contacts, some of which people want to see on their PDA's and some not.

After searching for quite some time and trying a number of products we chose Codetwo more or less straight after downloading it. The installation was a breeze, it didn't require any extras like Outlook to work and it just worked.

We configured it and forgot about it. Hardly touched it since we installed and then only to add users.

Ian Murphy

Ian Murphy, Integra eXPerience SL, Mexiko

Edward Travers-Smith

I provide consulting services to a number of small companies. One company was using a vertical management case management application with its own internal buggy email application. The firm decided to move away from the email component to Microsoft Outlook. The heavy integration of contact management created an issue moving to outlook; continue to use the contact management feature of the vertical market app, but have the contacts in Outlook. Using an internal tool to export contacts to outlook we still had to get the contacts to a public folder, We evaluated several products to do this task and then found CodeTwo Exchange Sync. Some of the other products had either complicated setups or required remote assistance to implement. CodeTwo's software was downloaded, installed, and implemented in about 10 minutes. Simple! And it works!

Edward Travers-Smith, Pacific I.S. Consulting, Kanada

David Fleitas-Velez
We all know how fun public folders can be in a mixed Exchange mobile environment. Some of our employees hold on to their Blackberries but many have shifted to Apple’s iPhone. Exchange Public Folders can be somewhat problematic when working with iPhones but with Exchange Sync, by CodeTwo, my office Apple iPhone users receive all public contacts pushed to a subfolder created in the native Exchange contacts folders and meshes seamlessly to the iPhone contacts. I also synced the public calendar to a subfolder of the native Exchange calendar which meshes seamlessly with the iPhone calendar. Furthermore, when a change is made to the public contact dbase or the public calendar dbase, from the Outlook client, changes are then pushed wirelessly to all mobile folders that are synced to the particular public folder. So when the secretary in the office updates the calendar or contacts employees do not need to plug in via wire and sync exchange settings.

David Fleitas-Velez, Atkins Engineers Inc., Vereinigte Staaten

Neil Platts

We had been looking for a solutions to our clients Public folder issues, with more people now using IPhone's/IPad's we needed a simple but effective way to manage company wide scheduling information. We tried lots of different software solutions but found Code Two Exchange Sync to be the fastest and easiest solutions to implement.

Neil Platts, Sydo IT Services, Vereinigtes Königreich

Aaron Olsen

We've been using CodeTwo Exchange Sync now for about 4 months. I love the simplicity and ease of use and how wonderfully it works in our environment keeping the Non-Blackberry users we have in sync with the rest of the network.

With this product we were able to setup our local users own address book and calendar to sync with our public folders. Now my users get kept up to date and my job is worry free!

Aaron Olsen, Raid Computing, Vereinigte Staaten

Chris Gyomber

I can't even begin to tell you how much of a benefit it is to have Exchange Sync ... It saves me hours and hours of work each month that I just don't have to begin with. We use the software to sync public calendars for company/department wide events to individual user calendars and it works like a charm. It was easy to install, easy to configure, and is an easy decision to make when looking for a great piece of software for syncing folders at the server level. I highly recommend anyone looking for a sync solution to evaluate CodeTwo Exchange Sync, you'll be glad you did!

Chris Gyomber, Stevens & Lee, Vereinigte Staaten

Martin Schiff

I have been using CodeTwo Exchange Sync for almost a year now, and it has worked beautifully to share calendars and contacts so that they could be synchronized to mobile phones. Initially, I had some problems that seemed to be unique to my particular setup as the engineers from CodeTwo were unable to reproduce them. However, they continued to pursue the problem, and fixed it in a later release. Support was great. Good communication and dedication. Highly recommended.

I was previously using another Exchange synchronization program, and Exchange Sync has a much better interface, and is worlds easier to use and much more reliable. Also, support is better, as is sales and upgrades.

Martin Schiff, Stephen Goldman, Vereinigte Staaten

David Fleitas-Velez

I would like to say thank you for developing Code Two Exchange Sync. This program easily solved our office's transition to the Apple iPhone and to Windows Mobile Devices from Blackberry Devices. As you know, public folder support for iPhone is only available through IMAP (we are an SMTP office) and not available at all on WM devices. Prior to our transition, we were forced to purchase Blackberry Exchange Server software in order to support our mobile needs. Not only were we forced to purchase BES in order to get the "most" out of our mobile devices, we also had to sacrifice hardware for the actual running of BES. Now, with Exchange Sync, we saved close to $700 on software costs and about $2000 on hardware costs; and we are now able to use quicker and more efficient mobile devices for our corporate communications and keep them synched wirelessly. Exchange Sync is very simple to install, use and maintain. Installation literally took about five minutes. To configure a sync profile between our public contacts and employees took all of two minutes and all I had to do was sit back and let the changes happen, wirelessly. Employees cannot delete or modify our public folder contacts through their mobile devices because of the One-Way sync and any changes made to the public folder are pushed wirelessly to the employee's personal contacts folder, One-Way. As far as maintenance is concerned, I truly will not need to deal with the software again until I upgrade to Exchange 2010. I was also able to use the unlocked software with full capabilities for a number of months before purchasing the program so I could "try before buying". During that month I was so impressed by its ease, by its streamlined footprint (on a heavily taxed exchange server), and by its effectiveness, that I simply purchased the software, input the license, and gained a fully licensed and fully awesome product. Bravo to the staff at Code Two for their Exchange Sync program.

David Fleitas-Velez, Atkins Engineers Inc., Vereinigte Staaten

Robert Rose

I've been testing your solution and it is truly amazing. It is far and away the best I've tested so far.

Robert Rose, CPI Technologies Inc., Vereinigte Staaten

Jason Stone

We activated the software and my client is very happy. Great product! We had previously setup ************, what a nightmare. Glad your product was out there.

Jason Stone, Tech Partners Maui, Vereinigte Staaten

Sunny Lowe

We have a software product installed at one of our client's offices that can write a public folder with email addresses for the company to use as a group Outlook Address Book. Problem is, on iPhone and other platforms, the public folders don't show up.

We used this product to sync the public folder to a folder in the user's private folders. Now the same data shows up on their phones.

Great tool to get public and private folders synced.

Sunny Lowe, Blue Jean Networks, Vereinigte Staaten

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