CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

  • Zentrale Verwaltung von E-Mail-Signaturen, Disclaimern, Werbebannern und E-Mail-Verkehr
  • Unterstützung für alle E-Mail-Clients
    (einschließlich Outlook und Mobilgeräte)
  • Weltweit verwendet in Tausenden von Unternehmen
  • Zertifiziert für Windows Server
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CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro wurde von ausgezeichnet. Laut Bewertungen unserer Benutzer wird unser erweitertes Tool zur Verwaltung von E-Mail-Signaturen am meisten für Exchange Server-Organisationen empfohlen und bietet den besten Support in der Kategorie für E-Mail-Signatursoftware bei G2. Benutzer erkannten das Tool als einfach, intuitiv, leistungsstark und vielseitig einsetzbar.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro bekam den Gold Award von dem führenden Protal mit Microsoft Exchange-Thematik, TechGenix (vormals, vierliehen und erhielt höchste Noten von dem Experten auf dem Gebiet Exchange Server, J. Peter Bruzzese. Juli 2011

"(...) many administrators would be saved a great deal of transport rule configuration headaches if they had a solution like this. It is not only easier to work with than on-board transport rules within Exchange but it has expanded features that really make sense and I can really see it being useful for an organization." - J. Peter Bruzzese, TechGenix

Das sagen Microsoft MVPs

J. Peter Bruzzese

I’m confident that many administrators would be saved a great deal of transport rule configuration headaches if they had a solution like this.

J. Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft Exchange Server MVP, ClipTraining, LLC

Ratish Nair

I really like CodeTwo products. Things that used to be a pain, suddenly become easy as 1, 2, 3.

Ratish Nair, Microsoft Exchange Server MVP,


We are currently evaluating Exchange Rules Pro and will be buying it soon. We evaluated different Email management software and found that ER Pro is by far the easiest and most intuitive to get up and running. I will definitely recommend it to other colleagues; we've used it for a day and already feel like an expert! And the support has been extremely prompt with answers to any questions we've had. Thanks CodeTwo!

David Hughes

Prior to code two we had to manage 175 users email signatures by hand which was a nightmare. Since moving over to CodeTwo we simply put their info into Active Directory when we create the user account and that is it... No more one by one signature setup. We can even append our email notices to emails based on what we are attaching so we stay compliant. Thank You CodeTwo!

Jason Lathrop

As an IT Solutions Provider, CodeTwo Exchange Rules has been a massive help to both our clients, and our own network. It saves huge amounts of time, fulfils the legal obligations for our clients, is fantastic for marketing campaigns, and saves everyone an absolute fortune. For most of my clients, CodeTwo has paid for itself a dozen times over.

When our new clients are trying to decide between Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, it ironically CodeTwo that makes the winning argument for Exchange.

Adam Ithiel

My company wanted to implement an automatic signature to have one corporate identity of all emails. They wanted a flexible yet full of features software that almost allows you to do anything you want with the signature and be able to reflect any design we want. Well.. I searched a lot, really a lot and I was finally lucky enough to find CodeTwo. When I saw this software, I told myself this is what I am looking for and when I installed a demo I didn't think twice, I just reported this to my manager to proceed and purchase the software. Code Two worth every dollar you spend...

Mohammad Banat

As CEO of SafeTek USA and SOLID Worldwide, we have a rigorous testing and control system to follow when implementing enterprise level solutions for our businesses because WE are the people OTHER businesses, Fortune 100 to startups, come to for solutions. We conducted a study related specifically to email quality, response acceptance, spam failure and appearance. CodeTwo was able to solve these problems and prevent future occurrences. Their product enabled us to implement a consistent client experience from the CEO to the new salesman, without anyone having to think about it. In addition they helped us leverage lost time in email replies accounting for an average of 7 lost work days per year per person, just by using their product. 

I personally recommend CodeTwo products for all new enterprise businesses of any size, and thank them for helping us recover lost time and money, all the while delivering a higher quality, more consistent experience for our customers.

Robert F. Tilley, Jr.

Exchange rule Pro is a flexible and easy to use software. Importantly, its easy intergration with active directory makes it sofisticated and fun to use.
You donnot need to be a technical person in order to understand code 2 pro.
With this application I have being able to resolve lots of challenges concerning signature in my organisation.
I work in an NGO base in nigeria(Society for family health) and presently, a particular department in my office is having an HIV campain awarenes programme,with the exchange code 2 pro,i have being able to configue only that department to have the SFH HIV banner logo displayed on their mail sent while other department uses the usual SFH logo. In enssens,you can decide which group uses which logo/signature.

Jude Fegbada

At this moment i'm evaluating the software, but i plan to buy it, i had some doubts but the support was great and explain everything.

We have an enviroment based in exchange server 2010, the code two exhange rules retrieves the data from the AD, and it works fines, we have several companies, so we have to use rotating text fields to display the company logo, according the retrived AD data,

The software is very useful and very user friendly, the install takes less than a minute, and the configuration of a signature also, its a great software.

Fernando Soares

Dank Exchange Rules Pro können wir nicht nur sehr schnell und effizient einen neuen Exchange User einrichten, es erlaubt uns kostengünstig weitere Möglichkeiten. Ich persöhnlich finde Anhang-Komprimierung ein richtiges Juwel!
Als Reseller der Schweiz sind wir stolz, CodeTwo Software anbieten zu dürfen, zu testen und diese auch einzusetzen.

Daniel Thomann

Saya sangat menyukainya kerana ianya memberikan keadaan yang sangat berlainan daripada mana-mana software yang ada dipasaran dunia. Sesuatu yang baru, sangat efektif, fleksibel, maju dan moden serta sangat berteknologi.

Raja Muhamad Taufiq Raja