CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003

Signaturen und Disclaimer für Exchange Server 2003

Cruijs Peter

Dit is het ideale programma als aanvulling voor centraal beheer van handtekeningen en ‘disclaimers’ op een Exchange Server of Microsoft Small Business Server. Ik heb dit product bij diverse van mijn klanten draaien en bij andere geïntroduceerd en allen zijn zeer te spreken over de functionaliteiten en het gemak in gebruik.

Heel handig vind ik bijvoorbeeld dat je met dit programma automatisch handtekeningen en disclaimers in verschillende talen kunt laten toevoegen op basis van het TLD (Top Level Domain) gedeelte in het adres van de ontvanger van het bericht.

Alleen de ontvanger krijgt de handtekening en/of disclaimers te zien. Je kan e-mailadressen of domeinen uitsluiten evenals bij verzending naar interne ontvangers. Ook kan een handtekening of disclaimer middels een codewoord in het bericht niet toegevoegd worden. Andersom kan helaas niet, maar daar zijn wel weer andere oplossingen voor te verzinnen.

Cruijs Peter, PC-Soft Computerdiensten, Niederlande

David Shows

“Our CEO tasked us to come up with a quick, easy, manageable method of putting a disclaimer on all our Email correspondense coming from our Company. Code Two provided the quickest and easiest setup of all those we tried, with an easy method of modifying certain accounts with no disclaimers as well. It has worked surpurbly for several years and I do no maintenance whatsoever, unless a change is required. Good job!”

David Shows, Imperial Sugar, Vereinigte Staaten

Marcus Sintome

“Best software we could find – the demo won us over!”

Marcus Sintome, Toop&Toop Real Estate, Australien

Charles Justice

This was by far the easiest program to configure and implement that I've ever used. Our senior Partner wanted an immediate signature on the entire firm's outgoing messages. Once purchased, I literally had it up and running in 5 minutes. No cumbersome manuals and an easy to use wizard had the HTML signature on the messages in no time.

One particularly nice thing about this software is that it applies to the outgoing messages regardless of the method used to send the message. The signature gets appended if they're using their iPhone, iPad, Outlook Web Access, etc.

Another nice feature is that it appends the message as it's leaving the firm. The photos and signatures don't take up valuable space in the Exchange message store.

I would highly recommend this product.

Charles Justice, Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler PLLC, Vereinigte Staaten

Tom Smith

“This program is brilliant - it does what it is meant to do, no fuss, no unnecessary frills, just does it. We use it to synchronise calendars and contacts between the office and the mobile workforce. Support is top class, minor teething issues resolved quickly and knowledgeably. Thank you”

Tom Smith, Davas Ltd., Vereinigtes Königreich

Sigurd Felix

“We use Exchange Rules for e-mail signature and disclaimer. It works great. In combination with Exchange Extended properties the possibilities are virtually endless! The Template editor is very easy to use! This way we can promote our Social Media initiatives and create more attention to our website.”

Sigurd Felix, CROP Registeraccountants, Niederlande

Donald Bremner

“An excellent application, that has simplified the administration and complexities we endured. Enabling us to standardise our signatures on all emails including those from blackberry’s and citrix. In addition to dealing with complex disclaimers in a logical manner, without endless repletion’s being applied.”

Donald Bremner, Ecofin Ltd., Vereinigtes Königreich

Thomas Michnicki

“We're a orthopedics company in Germany, with around 100 clients spread over 8 branches in different locations. Before introducing Exchange Rules, everybody copied the signature from an existing one which lead to hickups in the display of the signature, mistyped phone numbers and bad mailto: links. With Code Two Exchange Rules it's become incredibly easy to manage the signatures of our employees, especially with it's ability to pull details like phone number, position etc. from the user records in Active Directory. I'm very happy with it and can (and have) only recommend it to fellow administrators looking for a powerful and cost-effective solution.”

Thomas Michnicki, Siegfried von Bültzingslöwen GmbH, Deutschland

David Roush

“SemaSys needed a solution that would allow us to centrally manage our corporate email signatures in order to make them uniform. We evaluated several products with the requirement that we could imbed our logo in the signature (similar to the way Microsoft Outlook does) and be able to insert the signature immediately after a response instead of appending the signature to the top or bottom of a string of messages. CodeTwo not only met all of our requirements but has an easy to use interface and competitive price. We have chosen to only add signatures to outgoing external messages and CodeTwo even takes care of the situation of multiple addressees where some should get the signature and others should not (by effectively splitting the message). Another option that we use updates our users Sent Items to show the appropriate signature (after a brief delay). In addition, while evaluating the product we submitted a technical question and received prompt responses to our queries which resulte”

David Roush, SemaSys, Vereinigte Staaten

Annie de Bruyn

Our company has just implemented the CodeTwo Exchange Rules to standardize on our e-mail signature for both internal and external use. What a big difference does this make!!
The look and feel of such a standardize address leaves a great impression of professionalism, clear information, of the user and the company as well as correct contact details.
And for future changes or add on's, this will be done in a more controlled environment and the bonus is : the Active Directory has current information of users.

This was a worthwhile project!

Annie de Bruyn

Linda Carroll Mrs.

“CodeTwo Exchange Rules has made my life so much easier as an IT Manager! Rather than having individual Outlook signatures, I now have only a few rules to modify when we decide to change our signature or add a new employee. I am now looking into other ways that this software can make my life easier. Customer service has been very responsive, so I am not afraid to try new things!”

Linda Carroll Mrs., Event Source, Vereinigte Staaten

Jeff Hattendorf

“We have been using the CodeTwo Exchange Rules for years and love it. In IT you always have to do more with less. So when their is a product that you can "set it and forget it" then you have already won. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Jeff Hattendorf, Renzenberger, Vereinigte Staaten

Aleksander Gralak

“I have found Code Two Exchange Rules very helpful and easy to use at the same time tool. Our company provides customers with consulting and development services. Two of our customers have rather old infrastructure based on Windows Server 2003. With no budget for upgrades I had to find another solution for applying highly customizable server side signatures. ER met all my needs and was found a lot cheaper then doing our own tool implementation.”

Aleksander Gralak, Nordic Consulting & Development Company, Polen

Alessandro Pitto

As intermediaries, 99% of our business is based on email exchanges with customers and suppliers.

We needed a simple and effective tool to establish and reinforce our corporate identity through a coeherent digital signature; also, we needed to make sure that all outgoing messages carried our Business terms & conditions.

We installed CodeTwo for Exchange and in a matter of hours we were able to setup customized signatures for all users across foour different companies belonging to our group.

Plus, everything is synchronized with Active Directory.
Great tool, simple to install and manage and very cost effective, delivers what it promises.

Alessandro Pitto, Casasco & Nardi S.p.A., Vereinigte Staaten

Paul Dacko

“My boss told me to put a legal disclaimer on all our outgoing EMail NOW, so I ordered this software in the afternoon Pacific Time and had the key the next morning. Simple to install, didn''t need a reboot and didn''t interrupt mail flow at all. Took me about 10 minutes to figure out the little HTML/text editor and set up the disclaimer. Works like a charm. Price was right too, didn''t break the bank. Highly recommended !!”

Paul Dacko, Evolving Resources Inc., Vereinigte Staaten

Rufaro Savanhu

“I evaluated 3 products (cost, functionality ease of use etc), and your product was easy to setup and configure. Instructions were very clear and precise. Your support and response is also excellent. You have a great product.”

Rufaro Savanhu, Greyhouse Solutions, Vereinigte Staaten

Matthew Hart

“Best product on the market. It saves hours of administrating email signature's by using the CodeTwo central administration it has become quick and easy to customize and manage email signatures without the headache of administrating a signature of each user or using complicated scripts.”

Matthew Hart, Business Management Services Ltd. (BMS), Vereinigtes Königreich

Alan McElligott

“By far the easiest and most flexible product that our extensive search and testing found. Centralised management, Centralised installation on Exchange server. Non Complex Install and light application that didn't clog up and already straining system. Support mechanism was clearly explained, Pricing was clear, fixed and competitive and company was contactable and responsive pre and post purchase.”

Alan McElligott, Electro Automation Ltd., Irland

Olivier S

“Very quick and easy to setup, many options but not too many, up and running in minutes. No need to restart the server after install. All of that for a cheap price, the cheapest I've found on Internet.Great product!”

Olivier S, Solidworks, Frankreich

Gary Bentley

“Back in May 2008 I did buy the rival software '*******' but found it to be very user unfriendly and their editor to create the footers was rubbish! Also I had problems setting up for HTML / Text versions - so I abandoned it and looked around recently and found CodeTwo. It is such a contrast and a joy to use - the editor utility is superb!”

Gary Bentley, Arram Berlyn Gardner, Vereinigtes Königreich


“This software is fantastic! easy to use, easy to setup, cheap does exactly what our organisation wanted. I would have to say this is probably the best bit of software i have used in a long time.”

Simon, Diabetes Australia, Australien

William Paxton

“The best part about CodeTwo Exchange Rules is that it works on the server end. No configuration of Outlook is necessary. Making sure that everyone's email signature was consistent became a daunting and laborious task as our company was growing. Even though a top priority of our C.E.O., I didn't want to spend hours maintaining them. Your software installed in minutes and has saved me hours!”

William Paxton, Chromocell, Vereinigte Staaten

Raghu Das

“We choose this software because it allows us to personalise signatures using exchange contact information and the others didn't. We are delighted with it, it has more than met expectations.”

Raghu Das, IDTechEx, Vereinigte Staaten

Michel Servaes

“Quick and professional solution has been brought, while not really in need of the additional feature (Sent Items), CodeTwo has managed to solve the issue in a very reasonable timeframe, a lot of other companies should take an example of this.”

Michel Servaes, Vulpia, Belgien

Guillaume Beauchamp

“I got 100 email address signature deployed in 15 minutes including the creation of the signature itself. Is now working for everywhere is sent from: Outlook, OWA, iPhone and Blackberry.”

Guillaume Beauchamp, Primeur, Kanada

Stuart Hinks

“Your software is fantastic, and it's something I have been looking for years!”

Stuart Hinks, Cleanevent, Vereinigte Staaten

Tom M. Baio
“They have a good team over at CodeTwo. Works very well within our exchange environment, the install went smooth. Any questions you may have are also answered in a timely fashion. I highly recommend this software! ”

Tom M. Baio, Creative Hands, Vereinigte Staaten

Jon Conant

“The product was installed and modified and learned within 10 minutes...see the signature below. Very, very easy.”

Jon Conant, LLC, Vereinigte Staaten

Jonathan Drake

“Save yourself hours of work with this one! Great product for standardizing email signatures and attaching specific marketing/information to outgoing messages. Simple to use but highly flexible. Wish I'd had this years ago!”

Jonathan Drake, Wren, Vereinigtes Königreich

Joao Bacelar

“Excellent support as far as I can tell, many thanks.”

Joao Bacelar, European University Foundation, Luxemburg

Marcus Sintome

“Best software we could find – the demo won us over!”

Marcus Sintome, Toop&Toop Real Estate, Australien

John Barbuto

“I really like the ease of use of your program.”

John Barbuto, West Melbourne Police Department, Vereinigte Staaten

Warren Arndt Jr.

“The product is working well and is very user friendly.”

Warren Arndt Jr., West Bend Joint School District 1, Vereinigte Staaten

George Jones

“Great product!”

George Jones, EveryNetwork, Vereinigte Staaten

Mike Willis

“Thank you for the great customer support and service.”

Mike Willis, C.G. Bretting Manufacturing, Vereinigte Staaten

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