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CodeTwo Public Folders


CodeTwo Public Folders gewann den ersten Platz in der Kategorie Outlook Addon des Readers' Choice Awards. 
30. März 2011

" users are specialists in their field who encounter various solutions for Exchange Server at the workplace. Their vote serves as a solid peer-to-peer recommendation of the winning product." - Sean Buttigieg,

CodeTwo Public Folders bekam die höchste Auszeichnung, den 5-Sterne-Preis, auf CNET. 
22. Juli 2010

"Many users have more than one PC, and it's not uncommon to have several under your control: work, home, laptop, etc. Whether you're a busy executive or just someone who checks their e-mail on more than one machine, one of your biggest challenges is keeping everything together, up to date, and backed up. CodeTwo's Public Folders is a powerful application that's up to the task." -

In einer Videoreview von Tucows und Butterscotch erhielt CodeTwo Public Folders die maximale Bewertung (5 Kühe). Sehen Sie das Video,um mehr zu erfahren. 
11. September 2009

"If your application receives five-cow rating, congratulations! You are in the company of some of the best programmers in the world." -


Having standard MS Outlook on two or more PCs creates huge user problems in terms of message and email address access. The solution was a third party add-on program but the multitude of third-party solutions was perplexing. When I discovered the Code Two client/server architecture the answer became obvious to me. Other vendors offer synchronization solutions which are clumsy and use old software technology. The modern Code Two client/server software architecture is inherently simple and efficient. Once installed you never have to worry as lower level routines do everything. I now have the majority of my folders as public folders so I have only ONE folder with only ONE copy. Beautiful!

David W. Caulkett

CodeTwo Public Folders ist die beste Software, um Outlookordner ohne Exchange-Server im Netzwerk für Mitarbeiter verfügbar zu machen. Für jeden Ordner können die Zugriffsrechte einzeln vergeben werden. CodeTwo Public Folders läuft stabil und verlässlich auf den neuesten Windows- und Outlook-Versionen. Der Support ist exzellent. Man spart viel Zeit und Geld mit CodeTwo Public Folders.

Stefan Schmid

My accounting office of 5 workers needed to share Outlook schedules, but we did not have an Exchange Server. Since I perform my own network administration functions, I needed something that was easy enough for the do-it-yourself administrator but gave us the benefit of a high cost corporate network. Code Two Public Folders was the ticket. Solved all our network scheduling problems at a very affordable cost and the support has been wonderful. I would highly recommend this product.

Jeffrey Little

We use Code Two Public Folders, and as a small business, it just didn't make sense for us to spend the money on an Exchange Server to get the functionality we easily get from you guys here at Code Two. This covers it all!

Joel Wetzstein

We chose Code Two Public folders because the business needed to share calendars and we did not want to run Exchange. What I liked most was that our customers were up and running within a couple of hours. Also, Public Folders worked with Outlook XP so we did not need to spend a fortune upgrading our Office suite. We only pay for those who need to share calendars, so it's really cost effective.

Paul Leigh

We have a small law firm that needed exchange features, without the exchange price and maintenance. When we discovered CodeTwo Public Folders, honestly it seemed too good to be true. But we tried the demo and right off the bat the server installed easily and setting up the outlook add-ins was a piece of cake!
I was able to quickly share a main set, and the subsets of tasks, and calendars like we sorely needed. Because of the cases the firm deals with, keeping these items in sync with each pc is really important. Codetwo came through for us, and we have been using public folders for over 3 years now with no issues!

Mike Cleveland

We use CodeTwo Public Folders to maintain and synchronize a common outlook contacts database. It works well and synchronizes well. I would recommend that you do not overwrite the "date modified" field every time you syncrhonize the file. This erases the date that we actually make a change to the contact, a very helpful field for us. Perhaps find another field for the purposes of synchronization tracking. Thanks. Wally Lord

Wally Lord

Your software is incredible! I have been looking for something like this for years!

Joel S. Minik

We run a lean organisation using POP3 mail and wanted the added value benefit of being able to share Outlook Calenders and Contacts i.e. MS Exchange functionality at a fraction of the acquisition and support price!

I considered a number of applications and CodeTwo Public Folders seemed to fit our requirements. I downloaded the 30 day free trial and upgraded to a full license within a week I was so impressed. Besides achieving our objectives 100%, it was inexpensive, simple to buy and install, extremely fast and best of all requires ZERO maintenance.

It simply works and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any organisation with similar requirements!

Stewart Barker

In a company of 20 people, there are four consultants who work very closely with each other on projects. In the past, laboratory results have been sent to individuals who have then shared the mail. However, as the number of consultants grows, mails have been lost or forgotten. Now we have a system to sharing mails so that everyone is instantly kept up to date. In addition, we have set a company mail that is used to contact new clients and send marketing information. Responses are shared amongst the consultants. We have also set up a car booking calendar and an official calendar for keeping track of where we are at any one time.

I have tested other programs and found this the most simple and most effective to use. Well done!

Michael Hopgood

We are medium buiesnes company thaht works in transport buiesnes , we have our sales managers and now thanks to CodeTwo Public Folder we all work like one person we are able to se all the client history all the visits by one click , and most off al for our bosses they can see in calender where are the sales managers and what are they doing they dont have to waste time speking where they have been now they all have ther client history and all that thanks to code two public folder

Best software solution for sales managers ever.

Armin Cekic

Since switching to CodeTwo Public Folders everyone in our office has been dancing like the folks on a bottle of Żywiec! Or maybe just dancing like we've had a few bottles of Żywiec?

Either way we are REALLY happy with the simplicity and effectiveness of CodeTwo Public Folders!

Ford Widrig

As a director it was important to find a solution to enable me to keep complete control over my employees work. With Codetwo Public Folders I can see and keep track of all their work throughout the day at any given time.

Rami Zohar

Businesses are all about saving time, having control, and saving money. The less work an employee has to do, the more time they have to do other things related to their job. I figured it out, and if I answer 100 emails a day, it takes approximately an extra 10 seconds per reply to add my name and phone number to the bottom of an email, and remember to check it (because the point of using your tool is to not worry about it). That extra 10 seconds per email per day comes out to 72 hours per year (261 work days per year). That’s almost 2 full work weeks of lost time.

Robert F. Tilley, Jr

CodeTwo Public Folders is a life saver! I'm sure no one had any idea that your outlook can be converted into a real time exchange server with a tiny addon. This little addon make lives way more convenient for millions of outlook fans. The concept is simply marvelous behind public folders. You don't any technical information to setup and integration is quick and pretty simple to use afterwards. Thanks alot for making the addon.

Zain Syed

As the owners of a small business, several computers and one email address we struggled to see if emails had been replied to (reply on one computer, you could not tell sitting at another). Public Folders completely fixes this problem. All computers on the network can see the same email and replies! The sync'd calendar is also fantastic for appointments that can be seen across the network. We love Public Folders - it is the best and most used software in our office!

Meesha Watson

The idea is really interesting, without having to use Exchange Server. Just quickly and conveniently, you can easily practically without much trouble to share calendars, emails and tasks making it much easier for us to work in business and in life. Good technical support (very kind people:) and easy to register - it gives a real good product :).

Krystian Kowalewski

I must say, Public Folders rules!
We collaborate calendars and tasks among the teams without spending money, time and administrative efforts to keep exchange server.
People like it's functionality because it's not intrusive, and simple!
Zbigniew Borgosz
Comparex Poland Sp. z o.o.

Zbigniew Borgosz

Seit Herbst 1996 setzten wir MS Exchange 4.0 im Büro ein und betreuten unter anderem Kunden in der Beratung im Umfeld Verzeichnisdienste & Groupware im Enterprise Bereich.

Über die Jahre hatte sich auch in unserem Büro eine Public Folder Struktur mit ca. 12 GB Daten und einer beachtlichen Hierarchie entwickelt. Aufgrund unseres Tätigkeitswechsels von IT Beratung & Projektmanagment (90er) hin zu Projektmanagement, -finanzierung sowie Unternehmensfinanzierung (20 er) trat die Arbeit im Büro immer weiter in den Hintergrund, Mobilität war das Stichwort sowie die Integration weiterer Standorte zu niedrigen Kosten.

2009 Entschieden wir uns dann den Exchange Server (Small Business Server + Fileserver) in den Ruhestand zu schicken und auf die Kombination vom NAS + Replikation zu setzen. Um weiterhin die Public Folder einsetzen zu können evaluierten wir die am Markt befindlichen "OutLook Addon" Lösungen. 

Arnd Dr. Heymann

I have used many programs over the years to try and keep one set of our construction suppliers, clients etc. throughout our office team of 12. I have spent countless hours (given up weekends) trying sync the contacts to no avail. I was even looking at going to Exchange 2010. Then just before placing the order I came across Code Two Public Folders. It was a breeze to install. To my amasement when I tested it from my computer to another, the contact was already there. So quick and efficient, I am very impressed. It doesn't use a email like the last one we used.

Lyn Chappell

We choose this software because it allows us to personalise signatures using exchange contact information and the others didn't. We are delighted with it, it has more than met expectations.

Raghu Das

Tracking information is easy. I can now search the entire user database from a single computer. It was nearly impossible before we started using Code Two Public Folders. I would need personal access to each and every user separately and then combine all information. Now its a breeze. With Coder Two i can research, combine all user data simultaneously. More coffee break for me!

Tali Apfelbaum

This application is very easy to use for manage and synchronize all folders from the exchange server outlook accounts. I need a program that do this and Code Two is the best product I've found for this use.

Eros Cicatello

First of all i like to thank the CodeTwo team for making such a wonderfull software.
With the help of code two public folder now my organisation is updated with each and every event going to be held via calendar. After installing this code two software, i havent missed a single client meeting and everybody in my organisation is updated with it.
i really like this software, it reallly improves our performance of working.
We can easily transfer files between our systems, we dont need to email anything and to wait for the mail to come.
This is the best software and a must buy for all professionals.

Syed Aadil, Agarwal Jetley

Syed Aadil

I really like the ease of use of your program.

John Barbuto

Great tool for sharing email & contacts in MS-Outlook over the network workstations, we use it for over 4 years and can't imagine work without it. We highly recommend it to everyone especially for business.

Agnieszka Koprowska

I am using Public Folders for one of my clients and it works seamless and without problems after updating to the latest version for Outlook 2007. If other clients need the same service I will recommed CodeTwo Public Folder to them. Nice tool!

Markwalder Beat

Great product!

George Jones

For the past 5 years I have sought a good solution to having appointment diaries synchronised between myself and my PA . MS Outlook is an ideal PIM but without Exchange cannot be synched with other PCs. I tried many PIMs and other sync solutions for Outlook in those years till in desperation I tried Code Two Public folders. It works flawlessly, allows reminders to be synchronised as well as appointments and is easy to set up. I wish I had discovered this product years ago!

Trevor Geddes

I found Code Two Public Folders very easy to install and to get up and running. Any questions were answered promptly by Code Two support personal. Now everyone gets to work off the same calendar from any PC! Love CodeTwo!

Ray Lesoine

I had been searching for a simple program to sync the calendar, events, certain email folders and tasks between a couple of LAN PCs & laptops using various versions of MSOutlook and Windows, the latest being Oulook 2010 and Windows 7 without using Exchange.

I also needed something that could sync through the LAN on a standard business day, and through the internet only when I travel & choose to do so.

We don't have a separate server.

I literally spent months downloading and trying out allsorts of syncing (or supposedly syncing) - and was about to give up, when I managed to install CodeTwo successfully thanks to the very patient and highly effective help of the online guys just ready to assist at the click of a button. This was amazing!! I didn't (know service like this still existed today!) 

Every other program either took up all my bandwidth, couldn't sync through the LAN, duplicated stuff and just caused more proble

Linda Boshoff

Here at work we do not have a mail server, we use Microsoft Home Server to accomplish our goals. Without a mail server we were unable to use the share calendar function, this created a problem for us when scheduling students and there was no one central source to keep this info or share the information or folders. I searched the internet looking for solutions so many were to complicated, after investigating Code Two and using the trial software I was sold. Today we have every employee connected with Code Two. The ease of use and the ability to use it on our LAN/Quasi server was easily established.

Scott Roberts

We recently opened a second salon and wanted to sync calenders between the two shops so clients, and our staff were able to make appointments on our calender from either premise instead of going to the beauty salon for beauty appontments or the nail bar for nail appointments. Our computer guys were unable to suggest anything that would satify our needs and come without teething problems when dealing with live data entry between four seperate work stations. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled on your program on the internet, trialed it and had it implemented and running now for over 12 months without a hiccup. I tried my hardest to make the software stumble during the trial period with little success.

Great product that makes our salon run smoothly and accurately and a pleasant surprise to my so called computer guy.


Jason Lauder

I could write in Italian... but English would do too just fine :)
With code two we can finally see each/other's calendars which makes the life easier every time we need to book some meeting. We also love being able to see each/other's emails and the posisbility to have our server baking them up for us every day :)


With Code Two Public folders i can take my work home over the weekend and update it to the server later. No longer do i need to spend extra hours tied to my work desk. Once installed, sit back and enjoy.

Michael Harshaw

I bought Code Two Public Folders to replace another software product. I needed software to share my Outlook Calendars. I use the Calendars function for booking schools coming to my Temple as part of their studying Hinduism. I need the data on 3 work stations. After having the previous programme installed for 2 years, I realised that it was slowing tasks in MS Outlook, making tasks that took 10 seconds last for 1 or 2 minutes! I did not realise! So I trialed Code Two & it worked without the "side affects"! I was very surprised. Then it was very easy just to purchase the product and away we went! Happy teachers, happy students & happy me!

Ian Andrew

I recently took over Ss. Peter & Paul Church parish with more staff than I have ever worked with before (never had a full-time secretary). So I was looking for a solution to share my schedule with the parish secretary without the cumbersome MS Exchange. You filled that bill beautifully and seemlessly. Your program was worth the money as I can keep my desktop, my netbook, and my secretary's computer all updated. Great job! Your program is a "must- have" as far as I am concerned.

Fr. Frank Jindra

I can't believe the whole Outlook-user world isn't using CodeTwo Public Folders. For anyone looking to share contacts or calendars in Outlook your options are few and expensive. CodeTwo Public Folders works behind the scenes in Outlook to deliver a completely seamless folder sharing experience. And if that wasn't enough praise for the product, the level of product support provided by CodeTwo is seriously unsurpassed compared to any software I have ever purchased over some 20 years - it's seriously that good. Great job guys!!

Pasquale Sasso

We tried four different Outlook Synchronization tools and the Code Two solution is so much better than the other solutions out there. First, I have an IMAP server for my email and the email solutions simply overwhelmed my inbox. I kept having to delete them from the server. No program did that automatically. Second, many of the email based solutions simply did not work as advertised. Changes on one system frequently did not show up on the other systems. Third, we have three different calendars and one of the solutions would only allow us to synchronize one of the solutions. Code Two lets us do all three seamlessly. Finally, this is really the only one that is stable and works as advertised! Fantastic package. Easy to install, simple to maintain, and great functionality! Virtually instant propagation of changes. Glad I found this!

Drew Gold

CodeTwo Public Folders is a essential Outlook add-in for all managers who seek to achieve integrated and paperless workflow in subordinate offices.

Klaudiusz Malczewski

This is a wonderful product (and I've tested MANY). It lets my employees share their contacts and calendar (you can share more, but that's all we chose to do). It is in REAL TIME. The installation was so easy. This product is an alternative to Exchange Hosting, which I did not want to do. I've finally found the product that I've been searching for over a year. Thank-you, CodeTwo!

Richard Guagliardo

I was impressed with the incredible ease of installation and setup. We love your software. I don't have to fight with my wife anymore about not sharing data.

Rich Dodson

After having failed promises to deliver Terminal Services and Citrix compatibility on other Outlook folder collaboration tools, the Code Two product has provided a seamless integration and rock solid performance. The simple install process and user management is a distinct benefit.

Rob Greatrex

I have been using CodeTwo Public Folders for a few years now, and had thought that moving to Google Apps (Hosted Email and Calendar) would mean that I would not need Public Folders any longer...I was wrong. If you have ever tried to keep multiple people on the same LAN syncronized with contacts with any hosted email (unless you are paying a ton for hosted Exchange), you know it is impossible. Public Folders let's me keep a central folder for contacts that shows up in Outlook for my wife and I and allows me to easily copy from that folder into Contacts that sync with Google App Sync (their version of Exchange). Without Public folders your only real options are programs like Sync2 which are not centralized and only help with 1 to 1 contact / calendar syncronizing. Thank you Public Folders, without your app I would have no way to keep things organized, very worth the money!

Shawn Scanlon

I think your software is of the best available and would never purchase anything else. After using the memory hog office calendar for 3 yrs, your software is a dream.

Elissia Jones

This product works really well and provides a great solution for sharing my client's calendar without Exchange.

Douglas C. Ferguson

Pros: - Ease of Use: easy configuration (incl. custom permissions for each user)
- Flexible (Share any Outlook Tasks, Calendars incl. custom forms created in Outlook)
- Real time synchronization of Outlook clients
- Expandable (add licenses as required)
Cons: - Manual is adequate, but specific tasks such as creating "custom forms" in Outlook requires specific knowledge. A video would help or a section that describes "Advanced topics" such as the one described.
Summary: Using this software in our consulting business; employees adopted new functionality quickly; cost effective yet powerful solution.
Quick and competent response of support staff to questions on configuration issues.

Michael Klausbruckner

I have tried other MS OUTLOOK sharing software and found them to be either un-able to fulfill the compatibility issues or they were very cumbersome to install. Great product! Good work. I am saving 20-40% of my data entry time and email reviews.

Jeff Craig

I Trialed a few products, but chose Code Two because
1) It delivered what it promised
2) because we required a secure package that was simple to deploy and could easily train our local IT staff to manage and as it turns out their support was quick to respond when we needed to reinstall the package on a different computer.
Great overall package

Robert Hall

Before discovering CodeTwo, the only way to have mailbox sharing was Microsoft Exchange Server installation or Remote IMAP, both options not very easy to maintain. Small Business Server is a good product, but not dedicated to small realities. IMAP is very slow and it eats a lot of resources. Now I can have shared Contact list, shared emails, shared Task list, just easy as 1 2 3. I'm using CodeTwo, for example, for incoming emails from our customers for translation projects. Shared emails are organized in Conversation view, and I generates the task list schedule with Outlook, so my colleagues and me can keep track of deadlines, in and out emails related to a particular project, knowing what is in progress and so on. Really, thank you very much for this great tool. Now I have (almost) the same features that I had when I was using Small Business Server, but trouble-free.

Raffaella Massaroli

I was looking for an Exchange type solution but on a smaller scale. We only have a few PC's and no actual server. I Googled on a few search terms, but the products were a bit overkill for what we needed. Your SERP search snippet did it for me. I clicked and we now have history. All info I needed was on your site to convince me to try a trial. I knew at that point if the trial worked ok, I would buy your product. It delighted me. What a fab product you have. FYI, I owned my own IT consulting company for 15 years and have 30 years experience in IT. You guys have got it right. Well done. So far not one bug....amazing indeed.


I tried many outlook share utilities - By far yours works best and most reliable with responsive technical support.

Larry DeGeorge

Excellent customer service, and I haven't even bought the software yet. I have the trial version installed to confirm it's what I need, but you took care of me anyway. Doesn't get much better than this! Thank you for your support.

Norm Kelly

I think your program is fantastic. It is easy to use and set up and makes our office much more productive. This is the best add on for Outlook in the World!

Ed Moore

I searched and found various options. The documentation and your site were both very clear and well-presented so I installed your product for testing. One of the most useful features for me is being able to store the data folder on a server so it’s automatically picked up with our routine backups

Alan Hatch, Technical Director

It’s a great product – much better than all the others I have tried!

Andrew Dickinson

Great program! Very easy to set up.

Raymond Lesoine

Real-time synchronization and rights-management are perfect!

Alain Morgenegg

Excellent support as far as i can tell, many thanks.

Joao Bacelar

Thanks again and congratulations for your software and customer support.

Costis Akritidis

Thank you for providing such an excellent piece of software. I definitely plan on keeping your company within my radar.

Serge Romani

The software is a great product and some things customers have to learn to deal with. Thanks for your timely reply. I highly recommend your product over the other options out there.

Jerry Toler

Your software is great! It provided a solution to a need with 100% accuracy.

Frank Spock

I was impressed with the ease of installation with your CodeTwo Public Folders.

Tim Brown

Wonderful product.

Russ Cormier

I love your program and your customer service is impeccable!

Lisa Kruesel

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